How To Get Your Car Out Of The Snow

by alucacio

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One thing that winter entails is terrible driving conditions due to snowfall. Not only does this make for terrible driving but it means that you could get stuck in snow as well. Do you know what to do if you get your car stuck in snow? Here are some tips to get your car out of the snow if you are stuck.

  • Check to see if the tailpipe is blocked- If it is, unblock the tailpipe because if it remains blocked poison gases can build in your car.
  • Keep your wheel pointing forward- It is easier for you to get your car out if your wheels are pointed straight.
  • Use four wheel drive- If your car has this, use four wheel drive to get out of the snow patch. Do not keep your car in four wheel drive while driving because you are not supposed to be moving fast in four wheel drive.
  • Don’t keep pressing the gas- If you feel your tires start to spin and your car isn’t moving don’t keep your foot on the gas. Spinning wheels can cause ice to form under the tire and this only makes it more difficult to get out of the snow.
  • Dig out the snow around your tires- Dig a track that your tires can follow on solid ground to gain traction so you don’t get right back into the snow after digging around your tires.
  • Put salt and sand around your tires- The salt will melt the snow and the sand will provide traction so that the tires won’t just keep spinning. If you don’t have sand cat litter is a good alternative.
  • Rock the car- Put the car in drive and push the gas until the wheels start spinning then put it in reverse until the wheels start spinning then back in drive and so on. This is a last resort because this is bad for the transmission of the car.
  • Let air out of your tires- This is a last resort and does not work every time, but it can help you get traction in the snow. Do not let out more than 10 pounds of pressure. If you have no way of putting air back into your tires do not do this.

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