Mobile App

At Merrimack Valley Insurance Agency, we appreciate your business and want you to have the most convenient customer experience possible. We know everyday life can be hectic and you need that convenience at your fingertips. That’s why we’re proud to announce the Merrimack Valley Insurance Mobile App! Keeping up with the technological curve, our app gives you access to our agency, your insurance carrier, and much more right in the palm of your hand. Check out all of the great features below, or visit our YouTube page and watch our “We Have an App!” video. To download our app, simply click on the Google Play or App Store badge on our site and select “Install”/”Get”.

Pay Your Bill

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We make paying your bill quick and easy with our “Carrier Access/ Bill Pay” feature. With access to over 25 different insurance companies, you’re sure to find your carrier among the list.

Receive Accident Support

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You’ll feel extra protected with our “Accident Support” feature.

Add in your roadside assistance and preferred repair shop info when you download the app to get help at the touch of a button.

With the GPS locator, you’ll get immediate emergency assistance. Find local towing services, gas stations, glass repair shops, and even taxis and hotels.

Create an accident report complete with time, location, description of vehicles involved, injuries that may have occurred, witness info and photos. And even have your accident report sent right to our agency & your carrier.

Report a Claim

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Reporting a claim has never been so simple. You can choose from one of two ways to report your claim in our app.

  1. Start a quick claim and fill out your information to be sent directly to our agency and your carrier.
  2. Contact our agency & your carrier to report your claim online or over the phone.

Log a Home Inventory

App HI Screenshot

Using our “Home Inventory” feature you can easily log all of your precious belongings.

You can quickly and easily:
– Log your belongings by name
– List the price and purchase date of each item
– Categorize them by location in your home
– Provide a description for each item & Add photos

You can even send a copy of your home inventory directly to your agent so they can be sure that all of your items are covered on your insurance policy.

Create a Digital Insurance ID Card

App ID Screenshot

Quickly fill in your insurance information so you’ll always have it available in case of an emergency.