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February 2016: Cutest Couple Contest

IMG_47463924128154 (1)

Our first kiss as Husband and Wife. This memory is my happy place.  Anytime I fear anything or have the slightest of doubts I can close my eyes and go right here, to this exact moment.  Time stood still, there weren’t 150 people watching, there was nothing but the two of us and the beating of our hearts.  It’s been 1 and half years now but it feels like yesterday.”

Congratulations to the winners of our Cutest Couple Contest, Stephanie and Jay! They won a $100 gift card for dinner at Seasons 52!


December 2015: How Many Peppermints?

How Many Peppermints Winner

Congratulations to Jack, the winner of our “How Many Peppermints?” contest! He was just one number off from the actual 101, with his guess of 100 peppermints! He won a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card, a gingerbread house kit, and the whole jar of peppermints. Way to go Jack!